Before you sign a contract

5 Things to Consider BEFORE signing a Medical Waste Contract

Have you ever been faced with seemingly miles of fine print in a waste contract? Chances are, you have! Let’s go over 5 ways to prevent future unnecessary spending and heartache associated with complicated contracts:

  1. Length of the Contract. We believe that a contract should never be more than one year, if you sign on for any longer, you may regret it!
  2. Pricing Structure. There are a number of companies that get creative with their pricing and what seems simple and looks good now, could end with your facility being under serviced or even charged for no service at all. DMI only charges if we do the work, with straight forward pricing!
  3. Mid-Contract Price Increases.  This is a classic situation that our main competitor puts customers into. They SELL you green grass and sunny skies, for a while that is, and BOOM! Hurricane winds sneak up on you and it’s already too late. Price hikes out of nowhere when they think nobody is looking! At DMI, we honor the pricing on our agreement for the entire length of the agreed upon term.
  4. Mission and Vision. At DMI, we are a family owned and operated business based from a small town in Missouri. We care about our customers greatly and we show it through loyalty, integrity, and dependability.
  5. Should I check into DMI Solutions first? YES!!! Give us a call and let us work for you!