How to Properly Package Medical Waste

How to Properly Package Medical Waste

Now that you know what Medical Waste is….How do you package it? Well, since it is legally the responsibility of the “generator” (meaning you) to properly package Medical Waste here is what you do:

  • Line your DOT approved container (tub or box provided by DMI Solutions) with a red bag before you put any waste in it!
  • When the bag is full you simply gather, twist and tie the bag closed!.
  • Close and seal your container! Once in the container is closed red bags are not allowed to be visible

Pretty easy, Right?

Now I bet you’re wondering “What about my Sharps Containers”? Well here’s that answer:

  • All Sharps containers must be in a puncture resistant container specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Once you close the container you can then place it in a red bag
  • Then you package it just like you would your medical waste! 

Now you are good to go on how to properly package Medical Waste!