Our History.



DMI Solutions, INC. began originally as Danner Medical Waste in 1990. Prior to this in 1981, Gamma Healthcare, a local medical laboratory began servicing the Poplar Bluff area. Primarily serving skilled care facilities and providing convenient on site services for the elderly. With the vision and leadership of the owner, Jerry Murphy, Gamma Healthcare continued to grow along with his family, Sandra, his wife, 2 sons, Jerrod and Joel, and their daughter, Sara, and her husband, Jeff Hicks, General Manager of DMI Solutions, Inc. As Gamma Healthcare continued to grow and expand, the need for a medical waste company was realized. Not only to service the lab, but also the other medical facilities in the area. So in 1990, Danner Medical Waste was formed.

Over the next few years, the growth for both companies continued. Adding facilities to service more geography, more employees, and expansion of services. From the humble start in Southeast Missouri, the growth has met the needs of the medical community including pathology and trace chemo destruction, document shredding, and pharmaceutical needs including controlled substances. For pick up and destruction, the need for smaller facilities and a mail back program was spawned. Because of the additional needs and growth, Danner Medical Waste not only transported waste, but a tremendous accomplishment in the purchase and operation of a treatment center and the first Autoclave to be permitted and licensed in the state of Arkansas.

As of January 2014, Danner Medical Waste evolved into DMI Solutions, Inc. Not a new company, but a new name to continue to meet and supply the medical necessities of a multitude of medical facilities in 9 states and still growing.

Today, Mr. Murphy and his entire family are involved in not just the ownership, but the operations as well. Providing employment for over 400 families and bound to skilled care facilities, but also servicing physician’s offices, dental facilities, assisted living sites, medical clinics, county health departments, and so on. DMI Solutions, Inc. still maintains the motto of Danner Medical Waste, the parent company, “WE MAKE MEDICAL WASTE SIMPLE, SAFE, AND AFFORDABLE“.

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