Our Mission.

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DMI Solutions, INC. is a medical waste transporter that strives to do what our name implies, provide answers and solutions for your medical waste needs. Our goal is not to just meet your needs and expectations, but to exceed them. So how can we at DMI Solutions accomplish this?

  1. SERVICE. We at DMI Solutions are not just another vendor/provider to come in and service your facility. It’s our intention to partner with you. We will hold the highest level of service to all of the facilities that we service. We are big enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to have and create that personal touch as we create that business relationship in the years to come.
  2. DIVERSITY. As you put your confidence and trust in us to service you, it is definitely our goal to always maintain the level of service you require while also preparing for potential future needs. Because of this, we pursue new opportunities and markets to expand our services and service levels while anticipating future needs required. Because of this, you will soon realize that DMI Solutions can provide a variety of other services, some of the same services that may require you to have other vendors. Because of our new and additional services, this can certainly create a more convenient option for your overall operational cost.
  3. PROFESSIONALISM. Our employees, and the company as a whole, conducts itself with a degree of professionalism in all facets of your business that we are allowed to participate in. With this in mind, we hold in high regard the characteristics of good moral and business ethics and integrity.
  4. SAFETY. We make sure our employees are properly trained in the safety procedures and educate them annually to stay up to date as far as current state regulations and to always assure our clients that not only we are meeting any and all compliance requirements, that by meeting our obligation, we can provide assurance that you as a medical waste generator are compliant as well.
  5. STANDARD OF RESPONSIBILITY. Because we strive to maintain our high standards, we realize that our ultimate responsibility is to you, our customers, and the service we provide. As you allow DMI Solutions to partner with you, we of course realize that if we fail to maintain that standard, then we fail you and your expectations, and that is unacceptable. We not only expect you to make us aware of any issues you may have, we want you to please make us aware of it.

We realize there are other transporters and you have a choice. If we are fortunate enough to gain your confidence to service your facility, it’s our intent to never take that choice and the opportunity to service your facility for granted. Our success as a growing company depends on your success as well so we strive to maintain a long lasting partnership.


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