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Disposal Solutions for Physician Offices

Physician offices provide various services to keep their patients healthy一things like vaccinations, lab testing, and other preventative measures. For this reason, they also create tons of medical waste. 

Medical waste is defined as any material contaminated by an infectious material, including blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials. These materials have the potential to negatively affect the health of yourself, your patients, your staff, and the environment. 

This is why regulations exist to streamline the way these substances are handled and disposed of. At DMI Solutions, we offer our clients comprehensive medical waste disposal services that allow you to focus your time and attention on running your office.


What Kind of Waste Disposal Services Do Physician Offices Need? 

Because physician offices may offer a range of services for their patients, they need customized waste disposal services to meet their needs. At DMI Solutions, we understand that each medical facility is unique.  That’s why we work with you to create solutions that make sense for your business. We offer our clients services like:




Biohazardous Medical Waste Disposal

Physicians’ offices are guaranteed to see their fair share of biohazardous waste (red bag waste. This can include human blood, blood products, body fluids, and items contaminated with infectious waste like tubing, gauze, etc. 

Because of the abundance of biohazardous waste in the medical office setting, the possibility for infection and exposure is very high. That’s why it’s very important to ensure staff is properly trained on the handling and disposal of these substances.



Sharps Waste Disposal

Whether it’s administering immunizations or drawing blood for labs, sharp instruments like syringes are a part of the day-to-day functions of physician’s offices. The presence of sharps waste puts you and your staff at a higher risk of needlestick injuries, making you susceptible to infections like HPV and HIV.  Sharps waste should be stored in puncture-proof and leak-proof sharps containers to prevent accidental needlesticks or infection.



Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Medicinal drugs are an excellent benefit for treating patients at your site, but when these drugs become contaminated, expired, or unused, they may threaten the environment.  Pharmaceutical waste should never be simply flushed down the drain or thrown out in the trash. These chemicals can seep into groundwater, destroying plant life and affecting community health. 

Instead, they should be disposed of by a reputable medical disposal service. 



Document Shredding

Part of the essential functions of a physician’s office is protecting the safety and confidentiality of the patients they serve. You can do so by ensuring that your practice’s private documents are properly destroyed once they’ve reached their retention date. 

At DMI Solutions, we provide professional document shredding services to protect your office from paper data breaches. We can schedule bulk document pick-ups for shredding at our secure, off-site location on a schedule that suits you. 



Effective Compliance Training for Physician Practices

The last and most crucial component of successfully running your practice is ensuring that your staff is properly trained. At DMI Solutions, we offer comprehensive compliance training solutions to educate your staff on the importance of handling, storing, and disposing of medical wasteWhen it comes to keeping your patients safe, your staff are your frontline. Compliance requirements can vary by state, but some of the most critical forms of compliance training are: 



  • 1. Biohazardous Waste
  • 2. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
  • 3. OSHA Hazard Communication Awareness
  • 4. HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • 5. DOT Hazardous Materials

By making sure that your employees are fully trained, you will dramatically reduce the chances of hazardous medical waste exposure, creating a more safe and sanitary environment for everyone. 




DMI Solutions – Your Resource for Comprehensive Disposal Services

At DMI Solutions, we are committed to providing your office with professional medical disposal services at a fair price. We don’t cut corners when it comes to adhering to regulations and employing sanitary disposal practices. 


When you choose us for your medical disposal needs, you will get access to an experienced team of professionals providing top-quality regulated medical waste and document shredding services. We know and understand the importance of preserving the well-being of your staff and patients. That’s why we offer unmatched disposal service so you can focus on the things that matter.  If you need medical waste disposal services for your office, contact us for more information today. 

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