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Document Shredding

Although the world is becoming increasingly more digital, there is still lots of business done utilizing paper. Those who still conduct business this way, like medical offices and hospitals, need comprehensive document shredding solutions that can help keep their clients and themselves out of harm’s way.  Document shredding is one way to destroy paper documents that contain confidential information. And when it comes to shredding bulk documents, it’s not something that you want to take on yourself. 

At DMI Solutions, we offer document shredding solutions that give you peace of mind knowing that you’re keeping your business protected. This article will explain the different types of document shredding, give you some handy tips on handling paper documents properly and file-management strategies. Read on to learn more. 

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Types of Document Shredding

Contrary to popular belief, document shredding is still fundamental for identity thieves to gain important information. And unfortunately, single-strip paper shredders are not enough to keep these criminals at bay. While these types of shredders do tear the paper apart, they do so in a way that can be easily pieced back together.

The best and most effective document shredders are those offered by commercial document shredding companies. These companies use cross paper shredding and micro-cutting strategies to obliterate the paper completely, making it unrecognizable. The different types of document shredding include strip-cut shredding, cross-cut shredding, and particle-cut shredding.


Strip-Cut Shredding

Strip-cut shredding is the most common but least secure option for document shredding. The paper is cut vertically, creating smaller strips of paper that could be put back together with little effort if needed. 

Although it may be an economical choice, it can cost you in the long run. 


Cross-Cut Shredding

Cross-cut shredding cuts the document both diagonally and vertically, creating tiny squares of paper. This is a noticeably safer option for shredding than the strip-cut method.

Particle-Cut Shredding

Particle-cut shredding, also called micro-cut shredding, is a method of cutting that ensures documents are entirely unrecognizable. Unlike the above methods, particle-cutting makes it so that you can not tell what the document used to be or look like. Instead, you’re left with tiny specks of paper. It is a sure option for companies needing to employ high standards of security. 

At DMI Solutions, we understand the document shredding process and can help you identify the needs of your business. When you hire us, you get a team of knowledgeable professionals on your side, committed to the security of your business.

Tips for Proper Document Handling

In addition to hiring a reputable document shredding company to meet your needs, you should also aim to employ safe document handling practices. Confidential and proprietary information should be handled with care to ensure that the information does not get into the wrong hands. Document breaches can happen swiftly and be as simple as leaving a form out in view of the public. We recommend inputting the following tips to ensure that your private documents remain that way. 

Understand Your Businesses Retention Schedule

The first step to ensuring the proper handling of documents in your office is understanding the schedule for the retention and destruction of certain records. In most offices, there is a lifespan for specific types of paperwork. When you know and understand these rules, you can put a plan in place for storage and destruction.

Designate Specific Individuals for Retention and Destruction

Once you understand the specific timelines for confidential documents in your office, you should consider designating a specific person or group of individuals responsible for the retention and destruction of paperwork. Although each person in the organization should be aware of this information, delegating the task to specific individuals can ensure a seamless process. These individuals will be able to stay up to date on any changes and schedule destruction when necessary.

Appoint a Specific Space for Retention

For documents that need to be retained, you must designate a specific space for those files. If the information is extremely confidential, you may consider locking the room and only allowing individuals with special clearance access.  The purpose of the designated space is to keep your documents organized and create a proper storage system. 

Train Employees

Although you may designate one or more individuals to take care of retaining and destroying documents, all employees who work with these documents should be properly trained on storage and destroying procedures.  They should also know about the potential risks of mishandling documents, document classifications, and proper handling techniques.

File Management Strategies

If you haven’t already done so, a critical part of proper document handling is employing a file management strategy. You can easily do this by doing the following: 

  • 1. Create a document management plan
  • 2. Record document storing protocols
  • 3. Make rules regarding archiving and review
  • 4. Organize filing
  • 5. Increase security (locked cabinets, rooms, etc.)
  • 6. Hire a reputable document destruction team
  • 7. Designate individuals to oversee the process
  • 8. Regularly review for changes
  • By doing these few things, you can drastically reduce your chances of information breaches.

Document Destruction Service Near Me

At DMI Solutions, we offer our clients the most secure document destruction services available. Our clients trust our services because we provide skilled, timely, and safe options to their shredding needs. We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality, so you can always be sure that we’re looking out for your best interest. 

If you’re looking document destruction services, look no further than our team of knowledgeable professionals at DMI Solutions. Call us today to discuss your shredding needs!

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