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Dialysis Centers Medical Waste Removal

Dialysis centers treat kidney disease by filtering their patient’s blood using a number of methods. This process requires medical workers to work intimately with medical waste like blood, blood products, and body fluids, posing a threat to the health and safety of staff and patients.

The improper handling of tubing, needles, or other materials, creates a risk of infection or disease, which is why institutions like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state health departments, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) heavily regulate the handling and disposal of these materials. By partnering with a qualified medical disposal company, you can reduce the risk of exposure. At DMI Solutions, we offer all-inclusive medical waste disposal services for dialysis centers to protect you and your staff.

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Types of Medical Waste Disposal for Dialysis Centers

Dialysis centers have unique needs when it comes to medical waste disposal. The types of medical waste they produce may vastly differ from other medical offices. At DMI Solutions, we understand this difference which is why we offer customized solutions to your needs. Below are some of the more common needs of dialysis centers.


Biohazardous Medical Waste Disposal

Biohazardous medical waste is defined as any materials considered infectious or potentially infectious, like blood and bodily fluids. Because the dialysis process involves filtering blood through a hemodialyzer, it creates medical waste.

If exposed to this waste, individuals may be at risk of disease or infection, so it’s vital to handle and dispose of it in a safe and sanitary way.


Sharps Waste Disposal

Sharps waste in dialysis centers can include needles and IV tubing, among other things. These items pose a threat to the safety of your clients and staff because of the risk of needlestick injuries.

Minimizing this risk is critical in dialysis centers where exposure to disease and infection can be fatal. Sharps waste should always be stored in sharps containers in which the risk of leaks or punctures is lowered.


Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Dialysis centers may carry medications to assist the hemodialysis process. These medications can include but are not limited to iron, Aranesp, and Eprex. These medications are essential to the healthy functioning of the kidneys, but when they expire or are contaminated, they can have reverse effects. When this happens, they must be properly disposed of via incineration.


Confidential Document Shredding

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires medical facilities like dialysis centers to implement certain measures to safeguard their patient’s confidential medical records. Paper document breaches remain prevalent among many industries.

Paper shredding your records with an internal team on your premises still makes you vulnerable to data breaches, and in many cases, it isn’t sufficient. To protect your important records, we offer professional document shredding services with the most innovative shredding techniques.


Compliance Training for Dialysis Centers

Whether you’re defending your company against data breaches or fulfilling medical disposal requirements, the most effective way to protect your patients is by continuously educating your staff on the rules and regulations that guide your practice.

Remaining in compliance with OSHA and HIPAA regulations is the best way to protect your business. Although requirements vary per state, the basic compliance training requirements for dialysis centers are:

  • 1. Biohazardous Waste
  • 2. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
  • 3. OSHA Hazard Communication Awareness
  • 4. HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • 5. DOT Hazardous Materials

At DMI Solutions, we offer regular compliance training for you and your staff to stay up to date on the latest requirements or to refresh your memory on existing regulations.


DMI Solutions: Your Trusted Resource for Dialysis Center Medical Waste Disposal

Dialysis center patients are vulnerable, and as health care workers or managers at these centers, you must take extra precautions not to negatively impact their health. At DMI Solutions, we appreciate the magnitude of the work you do for dialysis patients.

That’s why we want to help make it easier on you by offering medical waste disposal solutions that provide peace of mind. When you select us for your medical waste needs, you’ll benefit from timely service and hygienic disposal methods.

Partnering with us also gives you access to a multitude of disposal services. You will no longer have to deal with contacting and paying multiple companies. Instead, you will get access to all-inclusive regulated medical waste disposal through one company for a fair price.

We have a full fleet of trucks, and each of our staff members is thoroughly trained in safe disposal practices. If you’re looking for medical waste disposal for your dialysis center, contact our team at DMI Solutions for more information.

Visit our Services page to see how we can partner with you for your facility’s healthcare waste.

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