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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does an autoclave work?

    At our treatment facility, the first of its kind in the state of Arkansas, the regulated medical waste is ran through an autoclave where it is sterilized by a combination of pressure, heat & steam. A process that takes 60 minutes, our autoclave runs at 275 degrees with a steady pressure of 35 psi. This ensures the waste has been properly treated and is safe to be discarded into the local landfill. The pathology and pharmaceutical waste that we receive is transported to a trusted partner for incineration.

  • Why do I need a document solution?

    The average security breach can cost your business $3.5 Million. Don’t let this be you! Let us give you peace of mind that your documents are handled & destroyed in a safe & timely matter.

  • Who should use biomedical waste containers?

    Medical waste generators: Biomedical waste is regulated by both the federal and state government. Any employer who generates medical waste should utilize regulatory compliant sharps disposal and destruction methods. Home self-injectors: Individuals who self-inject must properly dispose of their sharps to protect family and community members from risk of injury and infection. EPA Guidelines on proper destruction by homeowners can be found at

  • What goes in a sharps container?

    Sharps containers should be used to dispose of needles, syringes, lancets, scalpels and other sharp objects contaminated with blood or bodily fluids; gauze pads or other absorbent material that when squeezed would drip bodily fluids; used spill cleanup kits and employee protective apparel used in the cleanup.

  • Where do we put the sharps containers?

    Put the containers in the same area as where you generate your sharps waste. Be sure to SAVE YOUR RETURN SHIPPING CARTON! You MUST return your sharps container in the enclosed shipping container.

  • Why am I required to have my infectious biohazardous waste picked up every 30 days?

    Servicing everything from hospitals to clinics, no job is to big or small for us.

  • Where can I learn more about the laws and regulations that apply to Missouri medical waste generators?

    From us! Watch this Management of Biomedical Waste in Missouri video on YouTube or Vimeo, follow us on Twitter and sign up online for our OSHA Compliance Training courses!

  • Does DMI provide biomedical waste disposal services for medical waste generators located anywhere within the State of Missouri?

    Yes, we service Missouri and even venture into Arkansas! DMI provides medical waste management solutions for the largest hospitals to the smallest clinics and other facilities located anywhere in Missouri.

  • Do we need to re-cap needles?

    No. Never re-cap your needles. Doing so could cause needlesticks. Simply drop your needles into the container.

  • How often do we send in the container?

    Send in your container when you fill it.

  • How full do we fill the containers?

    Fill the container just up to the fill line indicated on the sharps container. NEVER OVERFILL! You must be able to securely close and lock the container prior to shipment.