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Medical Waste Disposal for Pharmacies


Pharmacies play a vital role in providing healthcare for our communities. We know that without you, many people would not have access to important testing, vaccinations, and medications they need.


Medical waste disposal for pharmacies requires extensive knowledge of different types of pharmaceutical waste and the varied processes necessary to dispose of them safely. If you’re looking for a partner you can trust with your pharmaceutical waste disposal needs, then look no further.


pharmaceutical waste disposal

With over 30 years of experience, our team of knowledgeable professionals at DMI Solutions is here to meet your needs and bring you the peace of mind we know you deserve. Whether your waste management needs include sharp disposal, mail-back programs, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.


We are dedicated to providing ethical, environment-friendly solutions to promote the safety and wellness of our community. Our comprehensive plans, knowledgeable disposal teams, and customer representatives will help guide you through the process from start to finish.


Let us handle your medical waste so you can focus on what really matters. If you’re ready to change how you manage medical waste, call DMI Solutions today.

What Is Pharmaceutical Waste?

Pharmaceutical waste is any surplus medication that is no longer needed or any expired medication that can no longer be used.

Depending on its chemical makeup, pharmaceutical waste can be classified as either hazardous or non-hazardous. This distinction is important, as the disposal requirements for each type of waste are different.

Pharmaceutical Waste Regulations

DMI Solutions is committed to the safety of your facility and employees. We are well versed in federal and state regulations related to the disposal of pharmaceutical waste and can assure you our operations comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the United Drug Enforcement Administration (EDA).

Our Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions

To ensure the safety and efficacy of your facility, you must adhere to the recommended methods regarding pharmaceutical waste disposal. We provide a range of services to help meet your needs and make your facility safe for your employees and customers.


Our mail-back program takes all of the guesswork from disposing of your pharmaceutical waste. If your facility needs to dispose of small quantities of unused medication, like narcotics, we can provide a safe and effective method to remove potentially dangerous chemicals from your facility.

We will provide you with all of the necessary pharmaceutical waste containers you’ll need to ensure the safety of your employees. Once you’ve placed your waste into one of these containers, our team at DMI Solutions will handle the rest.



Unlike other medical waste, you need to treat biohazardous medical waste before you can safely discard it, after which point it will enter your local landfill. Autoclaving is a method that uses pressurized steam to sterilize biohazardous medical waste, essentially removing any infectious bacteria that could potentially spread disease.

Our treatment services include transportation of your medical waste to our autoclave, the treatment, and the disposal of the now non-contaminated waste. Our autoclave machine runs for one hour at 275 degrees Fahrenheit with a steady pressure of 35-45 PSI to ensure your waste can be disposed of safely.

Sharps Containers

To dispose of non-narcotic, non-hazardous waste, DMI Solutions provides sharps containers. Our sharps containers are suitable for needles, syringes, auto-injectors, lancets, and all other objects that may be considered “a sharp.”

Once sharps containers are ready to be disposed of, we will send trained team members to remove these containers from your facility safely.

Destroying Confidential Documents

We know your patients and employees count on you to protect their privacy. Protecting your patient’s personal health information and your organization’s records is of the utmost importance.

That’s why our team at DMI Solutions offers information destruction services and document shredding. As part of our comprehensive service plan, we offer exceptional, secure locking storage bins to help your facility remain HIPAA compliant.

Customize Your Disposal Services with DMI Solutions

DMI Solutions offers safe and reliable services to help you manage your pharmaceutical waste. Our team is trained to safely remove all pharmaceutical waste from your facility professionally and (more importantly) safely.

Our years of experience and expertise are proven to offer you straightforward solutions to your waste management needs. We take the guesswork out of safety, so you can continue to provide our community with the care and support we need.

If you’re ready to choose a cost-effective, comprehensive medical waste management plan, choose DMI Solutions. Call today to schedule a consultation.