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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal


Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities administer hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of medicinal drugs per year. These drugs are essential to sustaining the health and wellness of their patients, but at the same time, they can become contaminated or expire.


When this happens, you must dispose of them so that they don’t cause harm to other people or the environment. Pharmaceutical waste disposal is simply the controlled disposal of these substances.  By tackling it on your own, you run the risk of being out of compliance with regulations. That’s why we at DMI Solutions offer comprehensive solutions to meet all of your waste disposal needs. We’re committed to helping you keep your staff and patients safe by ensuring your protection on all fronts. 

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What Is Considered Pharmaceutical Waste?

Pharmaceutical waste refers to leftover, expired, or contaminated medications. Pharmaceutical waste can be classified as hazardous, nonhazardous, trace chemotherapy, and controlled substances depending on its makeup.  These classifications make it easier to handle and store these substances properly. For instance, biohazardous pharmaceutical waste should be treated before disposal. If not, these chemicals can make their way into the water supply and affect many people’s health.

The United Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requires that unused and expired medicinal drugs be disposed of by either mailing them back to the manufacturer or destroying them via a DEA or EPA licensed incinerator.  To do either of these, you will need access to a DEA-licensed reverse distributor who can transport the pharmaceuticals on your behalf and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Comprehensive Solutions for Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Pharmaceutical waste can be properly disposed of through mailback programs or incineration. At DMI Solutions, we can help you by providing mailback and transportation services to assist you in ridding your facility of dangerous chemicals. 

Mail Back 

Our mailback program includes the pharmaceutical waste containers you need to dispose of medicines like narcotics. It is a safe and effective way of disposing of small quantities of pharmaceutical waste products. From there, all of the disposal efforts are taken care of by our team.



Incineration is another popular and effective way of ridding your business of pharmaceutical waste. At DMI Solutions, we have a fleet of trucks available to come to your location and retrieve the waste products.  After collection, we will safely transport the materials to a trusted partner for incineration. Incineration is the only scientifically proven way of breaking down pharmaceuticals into chemical bonds, rendering them harmless. 

Who Benefits from Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal?

Many healthcare facilities can benefit from comprehensive pharmaceutical waste disposal. Our mission at DMI Solutions is to create a safer environment for our communities by providing high-quality waste disposal to these pillars in the community.

Long-term care facilities like nursing homes and assisted living centers deal with patients in a highly vulnerable state. These patients require many medicines, ointments, and other pharmaceutical products to maintain their health and wellness.  Therefore, their facilities need access to high-quality pharmaceutical waste. Other facilities like medical offices and hospitals benefit as well. At DMI Solutions, we offer customized solutions to your medical waste disposal needs by taking into consideration your patient and business needs.  We provide medical-grade pharmaceutical waste containers, waste characterization, training, and guidance on proper handling techniques. We are your all-in-one resource to protect the security and safety of you, your staff, and your patients. 


Who Regulates Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is greatly involved in the regulation of medical waste, including pharmaceuticals. This is because the improper disposal of this waste can have huge effects on the environment and public health.  In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets regulations for safe handling practices to reduce staff risk. Lastly, each state may have unique regulations set by the health department and environmental protection departments. 


How DMI Solutions Can Help You

At DMI Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering ethical, medical disposal services that help keep you and your patients safe. We have years of experience offering medical services, so we are well-versed in the policies and regulations that govern disposal and safe-handling practices.  When you trust us with your pharmaceutical waste disposal needs, you’ll gain a partnership with knowledgeable professionals dedicated to making your business a success. Our mission is to help make your job easier by offering convenient services like medical. 

If you’re looking for pharmaceutical waste disposal services, contact our team at DMI Solutions for more information.

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