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Medical Waste Disposal for Surgery Centers


Surgery centers exist to perform diagnostic and preventative procedures. This can include prescribing medication, providing preventative care, and performing surgeries. These things require dealing with a multitude of regulated medical waste, which puts you and your staff at high risk of infection. 


While OSHA and the EPA have regulations regarding medical waste, the ultimate regulator of medical waste is state and environmental health agencies. This is because medical waste produces a grave threat to the environment and to communities.

medical waste disposal

At DMI Solutions, we understand the complexity of medical waste regulations and the standards set by OSHA and HIPPA laws. That’s why we can offer you ethical medical waste disposal services that keep your practice running smoothly. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions to medical waste disposal are ineffective and don’t address the needs of your business. That’s why we are dedicated to working closely with you to create a plan meant for you.

Critical Waste Disposal Solutions for Surgery Centers

Surgery centers perform critical functions for their patients and work with many types of conditions, producing medical waste in the process. This means that when looking for medical waste disposal, you need a comprehensive solution. 

Your surgery center may benefit from the following types of waste disposal.

Biohazardous Medical Waste Disposal

Biohazardous medical waste refers to materials contaminated with potentially infectious materials like blood, blood products, and bodily fluids. Biohazardous medical waste disposal is critical because surgery centers perform surgery or deal closely with these substances. 

A medical waste disposal company can help you safely transport, treat, and dispose of these materials. At DMI Solutions, our drivers are properly trained on safe handling and disposal methods, so you won’t have to worry.

Sharps Disposal 

In the day-to-day activities of a surgery center, you may use a combination of sharps like scalpels and syringes to serve your clients. If mishandled, these materials can accidentally puncture someone’s skin, potentially causing infection (HIV, HPV, etc.)

In order to reduce the possibility of needlestick injuries, you must place these materials in designated sharps containers approved by the FDA. Sharps containers are puncture-proof and leak-proof, keeping you and your staff safe from injury. 


Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal 

Surgery centers may use or prescribe medicinal drugs to their patients to treat or prevent disease. However, much like other things, medicinal drugs do have an expiration date. When these drugs become expired or are contaminated, it is your duty to dispose of them properly.

Pharmaceutical waste should be disposed of by incineration (the combustion of substances), and failing to do so has negative consequences on the environment and local communities.


Confidential Document Shredding for Surgery Centers

HIPPA Privacy laws apply to all medical facilities, including surgery centers. Paper document breaches are still a major threat to medical offices, and without strict protections, you can unknowingly put your clients at risk.  Professional document shredding companies can bulk shred your office’s confidential documents, making them untraceable.

Compliance Training Requirements for Surgery Centers

Institutions like your state’s health department and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require that your clinic’s staff complete compliance training regularly to ensure you’re updated on safety procedures. Compliance training requirements can vary, but for the most part, your surgery center staff should undergo the following training:

-Biohazardous Waste
-OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
-OSHA Hazard Communication Awareness
-HIPAA Privacy and Security
-DOT Hazardous Materials

At DMI Solutions, we can supply your clinic with in-depth compliance training to ensure that your team is well-versed in the rules and regulations that guide your practice.


Why Choose DMI Solutions for Your Waste Disposal Needs

At DMI Solutions, we offer all-inclusive solutions to your surgery center’s medical waste needs. We respect the effort it takes to provide top-quality care to your patients while remaining compliant with industry regulations.  That’s why we are committed to providing unmatched quality in everything we do.

When you partner with us for your medical waste disposal needs, you can expect on-time, efficient services at a fair price. 

We don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of our communities, which is why we only employ the highest safety standards.

We have years of experience in the medical disposal field, and we are well-versed in the rules and regulations that exist, so you can make sure that everything is done by the book.

If you’re looking for exceptional medical waste disposal for your surgery center, look no further than our team at DMI Solutions. Contact our team today for more information.

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